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Russell Feed and Supply stores offer a large variety of organic garden supplies, fertilizers, plants, and preventative care for your lawn.

Keeping your lawn and garden free from bugs and weeds is important.  Our selection of herbicides, insecticides and pest traps will have you in control of these pesky critters.

Russell Feed and Supply carries a full line of organic fertilizers, mulches,  compost, and soil amendments.  Everything you’ll need to keep your lawn and garden organic.  Organic Fertilizers include Gardenville, Houactinite, Natures Guide and Silvercreek Materials. We also carry Hi- Yield, Fertilome, Bonide, and Control Solutions products.

Nutra Gro Fertilizer is our commercial grade house brand of fertilizer.  Available in four types, 15-5-10, 15-5-10SR, and 20-5-10 are best used in the spring and fall.  28-0-0, recommended by the Tarrant County extension office, is targeted for the summer months.

Looking for plants, flowers and vegetables for your garden?  We carry flowering plants, onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, beans and more.  Seeds are available in bulk and seed packets.

Looking for Gardening tips?  Check out Mike’s Monthly Garden newsletter!

Have a lawn, gardening or pasture management question?  Let us know!  Send Mike your questions.


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