Chicks, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys Arrive This Week at Jacksboro Hwy

Apr ’15

Chicks Ducks Turkeys Available-http://www.russellfeedandsupply.comNew chicks, ducklings, geese and turkeys arrive around April 3rd at Russell Feed’s Jacksboro Highway location.

Varieties include:

Assorted Chick Pullets

Brown Leghorn Pullets

Golden Sex Link Pullets

Rhode Island Red Pullets

Ameraucana Pullets

Dominique Pullets

Assorted Brahma Stand Pullets

Production Black Pullets

Ancona Pullets

Hatchery Choice Ducks – Straight Runs

Hatchery Choice Geese – Straight Runs

Bronze Turkey – Straight Runs

White Turkey – Straight Runs

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