May Gardening Forecast

What’s in our May Gardening Forecast? Insects, post-emergent weed control, and more fertilizer!

April rains brought ALOT of moisture and wild weather with temperatures ranging from the 40s up to the 80s in the course of a day. We should be clear of chilly temperatures from here on out.  With the normal May temperatures, lawns should be ready for feeding.  Russell Feed & Supply has a great line of lawn fertilizers.  Choose from 15-5-10, 15-5-10 slow release and 28-0-0 slow release. Apply now for a darker, rich looking lawn.  Are broadleaf weeds still hanging around in your lawn? Use a product containing 2-4-D in the lawn area to get rid of them.  Russell’s has a large line of 2-4-D products like Hi-Yield ready for you to apply to your lawn.

May Gardening Forecast

diatomaceous earth

If fleas and ticks were a problem for you last year, get a jump on them now!  Apply insect killing granules or insect sprays to your yard in early May. We also have Frontline and Capstar topical and oral treatments for your pets after you treat your lawn.  For our organic treatments, apply beneficial nematodes or diatomaceous earth (DE, for short) over the lawn area.  Beneficial nematodes have been known to kill some 200 kinds of insects in the soil.  You actually apply the DE directly on your pets (or diatomaceous earth) to repel pests from biting your pets. Russell Feed & Supply carries food grade (meaning it’s safe to feed to your pets and livestock) diatomaceous earth in a variety of quantities. This amendment made from crushed oyster shells does the trick in killing fleas and ticks by shearing them as they move across treated soil and lawns.  Therefore, it is a “slow and steady” treatment and should be applied during dryer periods and reapplied often especially after rains to be effective.

May Gardening ForecastAs soon as you see small grasshoppers, start applying Nolo Bait. Nolo bait is great for killing grasshoppers and crickets.  It leaves your beneficial insects and wildlife alone.  It’s a wonderful organic method to combat the grasshoppers. Fly control is also a big concern with all the rain— we have a variety of ointments, sprays and fly masks to control flies around your horses and livestock.

Once again, with our mild winter and heavy Spring rainfall, it looks like this is going to be another bad year for the West Nile Virus. Now is the time to take preventative action against mosquitoes and their larvae. Remove all standing water, place Mosquito Dunks in birdbaths and rain barrels.  Apply organic CedarCide granules or spray before outside events to help repel mosquitoes and other insects. Extinguish

As you may have already seen the evidence, the rain also already brought out the fire ants. — apply granule with your broadcast spreader. Russell Feed & Supply offers a variety of ant control, including Amdro, Surrender, and Talstar Xtra, to thoroughly treat your lawn. We’ve also got Bug Blaster II Turf Insect Control Granules from Hi-Yield. Controls ants and other lawn pests. Be sure to treat around the base of your foundation to stop fire ants from intruding INTO your home, too. Extinguish and Extinguish Plus are very effective particularly for treating around animals and forage areas. Extinguish will not harm good bugs and is safe for use around livestock. For organic treatments, treat with Nature’s Guide dry molasses, Nature’s Guide Mound Drench, as well as Orange Oil, Diatomaceous Earth or beneficial nematodes.

There is still time to start a vegetable garden; check out our excellent selection of vegetable and herb starter plants as well as non-GMO, heirloom seeds from Botanical Interests.



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