tomato plantIt’s time to get those tomato plants in the ground.  Here is a list of tomato plants Russell Feed & Supply will offer this year.  We get our tomato plants from Baby’s Greenhouse.  Check out the varieties, selection and growing cycle below.



Heirloom Varieties:

Arkansas Traveler (85 days) 6 oz. Fruit is red and has a creamy mild flavor.

Beefsteak (80 days) Up to 2lbs. Large, flattened, solid, meaty, juicy, red tomatoes. Excellent slicer , with a great taste. Plants are indeterminate.

Black Krim (75 days) Up to 12 oz. fruit. Fruit has an unusual dark red color that is almost black. Black krim is a beefsteak type tomato. Plants are indeterminate.

Bloody Butcher (65 days) Loads of small round 2 – 3 oz. tomatoes. Fruit is red with greenish shoulders.

Box Car Willie (80 days) 10 to 16 oz. fruit. Prolific yields of smooth, reddish-orange tomatoes, and the old fashion flavor. Tomatoes are good for canning, freezing, or eating.

Brandywine Pink (85 days) 1 lb fruit. An Amish heirloom. Considered the world’s best tasting tomato. Plants have potato leaves. Plants are indeterminate.

Brandywine Red (85 days) Plants set larger red beefsteak tomatoes. Fruit has an excellent flavor. Plants are indeterminate.

Burpee Delicious (77 days) Huge, solid scarlet fruit over 1 lb. Is crack free, has excellent flavor & a good slicer.

Cherokee Purple (72 days) Large to medium globe shaped fruit. Has a pinkish purple color that appears brownish. Has a multicolored interior that is crack resistant. Plant is indeterminate.

German Johnson Pink (80 days) A large 16 oz. pink tomato. Fruit is meaty & flavorful. There are few seeds. Plants are indeterminate.

Giant oxheart (90 days) Plant sets high yields of 2 -3 lb. red heart shaped fruit. Fruit is meaty with few seeds. Plants are indeterminate.

Giant Belgium (90days) 1 to 2 lb fruits. One of the most popular heirlooms. Fruits are dark pink and a good solid slicer. Plants are indeterminate.

Golden Jubilee (72 days) Plant sets golden yellow low acid tomatoes. Fruit is good for juicing and canning. Plants are indeterminate.

Green Zebra (72 days) Fruit is a bright striped green when ripe. Fruit has a tangy flavor and is a excellent salad tomato. Plants are indeterminate.

Hillbilly (85 days) Plants set 2 lb. orange yellow beefsteak tomatoes. Fruit has a red and pink streaked meaty interior. Plants are indeterminate.

Marglobe Select (75 days) Marglobe is an old time favorite. Plants set high yields of medium size red tomatoes. Fruit is excellent for salads, sandwiches, or canning. Plants are determinate.

Mortgage Lifter (70 days) Plants set large 1 to 2 lb. red beefsteak tomatoes. Fruits are excellent for slicing or salads. Plants are indeterminate.

Mr. Stripey (80 days) Plants set low acid red with orange striped fruit. Plants are indeterminate.

New Yorker (66 days) Plants produce red 6 oz. beefsteak tomatoes. Plants are determinate. Pineapple (85 days) Plants set large 2 lb. tomatoes. Fruit is yellow with red streaks. Fruit has a great flavor. Plants are indeterminate.

Porter (75 days) Plants set huge amounts of pink egg shaped a 4 oz. fruit. Plants were developed for southern regions like Texas. Plants are indeterminate.

Red Zebra (85 days) Red zebra ranks as one of the best looking and best tasting tomatoes. Fruits are a dark red inside and out with golden streaks. Plants set an abundance of 3 inch tomatoes on indeterminate vines.

Roman Candle (80 days) A banana shaped pure yellow tomato. Has excellent flavor. Use in salsas and sauces. Plants are indeterminate.

Rutgers VFASt (75 days) Rutgers is an attractive old time favorite. Plants set red 7 oz. full flavored fruit. Plants are indeterminate.

Super Sioux (75 days) Plants set well in hot summer temperatures. Plants set red thick walled fruit that are crack resistant. Fruits have a old fashion flavor. Plants are semi determinate.

Cherry and Roma Varieties:

Black Cherry (65 days) – Indeterminate. Fruits are 1″ red fruits with a blackish hue. The flavor is juicy and sweet.

Health Kick VFFASt (72 days) Health kick has 4 oz fruits. A roma type that has the antioxidant lycopene. Plants are determinate.

Sweet Olive Grape (57 days) Fruits are bright red bite size grape tomatoes. Plants show a strong tolerance to heat, humidity, and cracking. Plants are determinate.

Juliet (60 days) Plants set red 1oz. elongated grape shaped tomatoes. Fruit sets in clusters and are crack free. Plants are indeterminate. Juliet is a 1999 AAS winner.

Large Red Cherry (75 days) Plants set 1” fruit in clusters. Fruit is excellent for salads & snacks. Plants are indeterminate.

Red Pear (70 days) Red pear is an heirloom variety. Plants set 1 oz. red pear shaped tomatoes in clusters. Plants are indeterminate.

Roma (75 days) Roma is an heirloom variety from Italy. Plants set red 3 to 4 oz. plum shaped tomatoes. Fruit is excellent for canning, salsa, or salads. Plants are indeterminate.

San Marzano Roma (85 days) – Fruits are a flavorful, meaty roma type. A favorite among chefs. Sun Sugar (62 days) Plants produce sugary sweet yellow crack free cherry tomatoes. Plants are indeterminate.

Super Sweet 100 (70 days) Plants produce long strands of red super sweet 1” cherry tomatoes. Fruit has a high content of vitamin C. Plants are indeterminate.

Sweet Baby Girl (65 days) Sweet Baby Girl is a dark red cherry tomato with an intensely sweet flavor. Plants are a compact indeterminate.

Sweet Million (75 days) Plants have a high disease resistance. Fruit are small red sweet cherry tomatoes. Plants are indeterminate.

Tumbling Thom Red (70 days) Plants cascade making them perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Plants produce red 1 oz. sweet fruit. Fruits are perfect for snacking and salads. Plants are indeterminate.

Tumbling Thom Yellow (70 days) Plants cascade making them perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Plants produce sweet yellow 1 oz fruit. Fruits are perfect for snacking and salads. Plants are indeterminate.

Yellow Pear (70 days) Yellow pear is a favorite heirloom variety. Plants set 1 oz. yellow pear shaped tomatoes in clusters. Plants are indeterminate.

Hybrid Tomatoes:

Beef Master VFNASt (80 days) – Beefmaster is a solid, meaty, bright red tomato that can weigh up to 2 lbs. Plants are indeterminate.

Bella Rosa VFFNA (75 days) – Heat tolerant. Plant produces large, round, firm, and flavorful fruit.

Better Boy VFNASt (75 days) – Better Boy is a extremely flavorful, firm tomato. Fruits can weigh up to 1 lb. Plants are indeterminate.

Better Bush VFN (68 days) – Better Bush can be used in containers or the home garden. Plants produce big 4” fruits that are sweet and meaty, with a real tomato taste. Plants are determinate.

BHN 602 VFFTSWV (75 days) – The BHN 602 is resistant to the tomato wilt virus. Fruits are bright red, globed-shaped with a firm flavorful interior. Plants are determinate.

Big Beef VFFNTASt (73 days) – Big Beef is a AAS winner. The fruit are rich in flavor with a uniform large fruit size. Plants are indeterminate.

Bobcat (68 days) – Firm beefsteak type determinate tomato. 10 oz fruits comparable to the big beef tomato.

Burpee Big Boy Hybrid (78 days) – Big Boy is a large crack free tomato with superb flavor. Fruit are firm, meaty, and bright red that weigh a 1 lb or more. Plants are an indeterminate.

Burpee Supersteak VFN (80 days) – Burpee Supersteak is one of the top-rated beefsteak hybrids for the home garden. Fruits are meaty, smooth, and extra large. Plants are indeterminate.

Carolina Gold VFF (71 days) – Large yellow gold fruits. Determinate plants.

Celebrity VFFNTASt (70 days) – Celebrity is an AAS Winner. 7 oz fruits are globed-shaped and crack resistant. Plants are semi determinate.

Charger VFFFASt (76 days) – Determinate plants. Early maturing large red salad tomato. Has good flavor.

Early Girl VFF (57 days) – Early girl is a meaty, ripe, red fruit that weighs 4 to 6 oz. A early maturing tomato with all the flavor. Plants are indeterminate.

Empire VFFNAst (72 days) – This one’s got it all – large fruits, vigorous yields and excellent disease resistance. Produces loads of 8 oz, smooth red fruits that are deep oblate in shape and have top notch flavor. Plants are determinate.

4th of July Hybrid (49 days) – 4th of July tomato is a small extra early tomato. The tomatoes have an unbeatable flavor. Plants are indeterminate.

Homestead 24 (80 days) – Improved Homestead are red, firm, meaty tomatoes. Tomatoes are medium to large with crack resistance. Plants are determinate.

Improved Porter (75 days) – Improved porters are a small to medium tomato. The fruits are a round firm pink tomato. Plants are indeterminate.

Jetsetter VFFNASt (64 days) – Jetsetter is an early tomato with good disease resistance. The fruits are smooth, juicy, and have a real tomato flavor. Jetsetter produces large 8 oz tomatoes. Plants are indeterminate.

Jet Star VF (70 days) – Jet Star is a prolific producer of big, globe-shaped tomatoes that ripen all the way through. Tomatoes have an excellent flavor with low acidity. Plants are indeterminate.

Lemon Boy VFNASt (72 days) – Lemon Boy is a large 8 oz yellow tomato. Tomatoes have a mild flavor. Plants are indeterminate.

Mountain Pride VFFASt (77 days) – Mountain Pride is a large red tomato that is crack resistant, jointed and green shouldered. Plants are determinate.

New Girl (62 days) – Better tasting and more disease resistant than early girl. Large red tomatoes.

Parks Whopper VFFNT (65 days) – Parks Whopper is a large early tomato with a good flavor. The fruit has good disease and crack resistance. Plants are indeterminate.

Patio FASt (70 days) – Patio is perfect for container gardening. Plants produce medium-sized, deep oblate fruits that are smooth, firm and flavorful. Plants are determinate.

Phoenix (70 days) – Phoenix is a hot-set hybrid. The plant is vigorous with good leaf cover. The tomatoes are high quality firm large globe-shaped and red. The plants are determinate.

Red Brandymaster F1 (75 days) – Brandymaster is the hybrid of the brandywine tomato. Tomatoes are unrivaled in taste and texture. Tomatoes can weigh over a pound. Plants have potato leaves and are indeterminate.

Red Defender F1 (75 days) – Large red tomatoes on indeterminate plants. Excellent taste and shelf life.

Solar Fire VFFFSt (72 days) – Solar Fire is a heat set tomato. Tomatoes are 9 to 10 oz. Fruits are red and crack free. Plants are a compact determinate.

Sunny Boy F1 (70 days) – Bright yellow 6 oz fruit with few seeds. Very sweet flavor. Plants are determinate

Super Fantastic VFN (70 days) – Super Fantastic has heavy yields of solid, meaty, smooth fruits that weigh an average of 20 oz each. Plants are indeterminate.



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