Stock Show PreparationThe Fort Worth and County Youth Livestock Shows are around the corner and many students are working with their animals on stock show preparation for the upcoming season. Here are seven tips to consider as you work with your animal.

Diet: Watch and control your animals diet.  Inconsistent feeding can lead to problems in consumption and growth.

Always watch your animals diet. 45-30 days out from the show, look to see if your animal is on track. Do they  need to gain more weight, loose weight or do you need to hold them? The answers to these questions will help you determine if it’s time to cut back on feed, increase it or introduce supplements to their diet.

Coat Care: Your animals coat and skin condition are an important part of their show ring success. Know what the requirements are for your animal and make sure they are clipped correctly.

Organization is key!  Be prepared to answer questions the judges may ask you.  Know your animal’s weight, breed & feed. Once at the show, know your schedule and class.

Showmanship: The time you spend working with your animal now will pay off in the show ring. Be prepared to answer questions on animal care, feeding strategies, weight, and breed  Dress appropriately and neat! Judges look at you as well as the animal. Nice shirts, clean jeans, and belts to hold up those pants. Be polite and respectful.

Judges: Each judge is different. Find out who the judge is, the information is available to you via the county extension office or the show rule book. Find out what is important to them. Understand their preferences, do your homework.

Be prepared: If you are traveling to an event consider putting together a check list for you and your animal. What do you need to bring with you and what should you do to get ready? When at the show, make a list of what you should do to prepare you and your animal. Keep all your equipment and show supplies together. A little preparation goes a long way in easing the stress for you and your animal.

Ask questions: The road to show ring success is long and requires discipline. You are bound to have a question along the way regarding care and feeding of your animal. Ask questions, it’s the best way to learn. Talk to your Ag teacher, local feed store or county agent, they are a wealth of information and are happy to help.

Show Supplies

Preparing to show your animals? Visit us at Russell Feed & Supply stores for show supplies! We carry everything you need for a successful show: show halters, grooming supplies, whips and animal-specific show feeds from Purina Show Chow.

If you have any questions about our show products or your show animal’s specific needs, please give us a call or stop by one of our eight Russell Feed & Supply locations in North Texas today.



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