Fall Vegetable Gardening

While it is August and outside temperatures are near 100 degrees, it is time to start thinking about Fall Vegetable Gardening. If you want fall tomatoes, beans, squash, pumpkins and more, now is the time to get working on your fall vegetable garden. The Farmer’s Almanac website is forecasting the first frost of the season could be as early as November 17th for cities in and around the Fort Worth area. That is a little over 100 days away from now.

Fall tomato plants will be available soon in most stores.  It takes the tomato plants 40 to 50 days to start producing tomatoes AFTER you plant them in the ground. If you start tomatoes from seeds, it typically takes 70 to 90 days to start producing. So now is the time to prepare those gardens. Remember to add cotton burr compost when planting your vegetables.

Here is a quick fall vegetable guide that can be planted if you are working on a fall vegetable garden.

VegetablesPlanting DatesType
Beans, Green BushAug 1 - Sept 15Seed
BroccoliAug 15 - Sept 30Seed or transplants Sept.
CabbageAug 15 - Sept 30Seed or transplants Sept.
CucumberAug 25 - Sept 8Seed
KaleAugust 25 - Sept 22Seed or transplants Sept.
MustardAug 15 - Sept 30Seed
Peas, SouthernAug 15 - Sept 1Seed
PumpkinAug 11 - Aug 25Seed
SquashAug 4 - Aug 25Seed
TomatoAug 11 - Aug 25Seed or transplants Aug
TurnipsAug 25 - Nov 3Seed

Fresh Botanical Interest Seed packets are available in stores. Botanical Interest seeds are untreated (no chemicals), non-GMO or Heirloom varieties.

Check your local Russell Feed and Supply for a FREE Vegetable garden Planting Guide.



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