Have you heard about the Frequent Buyer Pet Food programs at Russell Feed and Supply Stores? Learn about these programs and the many ways you can save at Russell Feed from Megan Russell.

Hi! This is Megan at Russell Feed. I’m here to talk about the in-store loyalty programs we offer on our dog and cat foods. Here, we have Origin. It’s a buy 12 get 1 free program. So, if you buy 12 bags that 13th bag is going to be free. We keep track of it all in-store, we also offer a buy 12 get one free program on Pro Plan. Muenster, made in Texas, dog and cat food, which they have grain-free as well as ancient grain formulas, (does not include Perfect Balance line) is all on a buy 10 get one free program. Nutro is a buy 10 get one free, Blue Buffalo is a buy 12 get one free. Exclusive pet food is a buy 8 get one free and Taste of Wild PREY is a buy 8 get one free, then their original formulas are all buy 10 get one free. Now Taste of the Wild PREY is their new limited ingredients diet. This is our way of saying thank you for being our customer, thank you for your loyalty, and thank you for shopping local with us. Just drop on by to Russell Feed and Supply.

If you have any questions about our Frequent Buyer Pet Food programs, stop by one of the stores or give us a call.



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