I held off writing this month’s hay report, waiting to see if tropical storm Don would turn our way.  No such luck.  Here is our current hay status.  Keep in mind that this changes daily.

Round Bales: We have about a 3 week supply left.  Sales are limited to 2 bales.  The quality is good.  We continue to look for additional sources.  I don’t expect to see a good quality round bale of hay left in the country by the end of the month.

2 String Coastal: Did not get much of a second cutting.  Our current suppliers should take us to the end of the year.  Market price has moved up $1.50 since since last month.  Without rain we will set records for hay prices this year.  Don’t be surprised to see $12 -$15 prices.

2 String Alfalfa: Last month we found an additional 3 loads out of New Mexico.  Excellent hay, but higher freight cost than we expected.

3 String Bermuda: This is coming from California and Arizona, where they know how dry Texas is.  Bermuda hay prices increased $40.00 per ton and freight cost went up $200.00 a load.  Extremely difficult to get.  We received a load and a half last week.  I hope we don’t have to rely on this for winter hay, but we may have no choice.  I expect to see $25.00 hay soon.

3 String Alfalfa: Also coming from California and Arizona.  Current supply is okay at this time, but trucking is almost impossible.  We have no appreciable inventory built up.  The price has gone through the roof as well.

We have about 45 days left in this growing season before “Haymageddon”.  I remain optimistic that we will get another cutting in and turn this situation around.  That will certainly help take some pressure off supply.  If we have to depend on the West coast for hay we are in serious trouble.

There are many unique varieties of hay coming from out of state.  Know who you are buying from and what you are getting.  Scams are everywhere, be cautious.  Purina makes a complete horse feed called Horseman’s Edge hay stretcher.  Most of our stores have it by now.  It might be easier than trying to find hay. Read more about this product and other hay replacement options.



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