Purina Starter Cattle Feeds at Russell Feed & Supply.

Introducing Purina starter cattle feeds, now with RX3™ Immune Support Technology. It’s a research-proven to prime calves’ immune systems and optimizes their response to stress and respiratory challenges. A new generation of calf nutrition. First comes stress, then comes reduced disease resistance and calf health challenges. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, if you feed Purina Starter with RX3.


Calves fed RX3™ Immune Support Technology compared to control calves:

  • Recognized health challenges more quickly
  • Responded sooner
  • Bounced back quicker

The first-of-its-kind technology is exclusively available in Purina® starter cattle feeds, including Purina Precon Complete, and Purina Accuration Starter Complete.  So, come see us at Russell Feed & Supply for Purina Starter Feeds and all your feed needs. We’ve got 8 convenient locations in Fort Worth and surrounding areas, and we’re ready to serve you.  Learn more about Purina Starter Feeds with Immune Support Technology here.



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