How does free tickets to the Parelli Colt Starting Clinic at the Will Rogers Coliseum  for this weekend sound?

Pat Parelli Presents…Colt Starting Naturally – 3 Day Event.  What is the difference between starting ranch-raised & backyard-raised colts? Fillies & colts? Young horses of different breeds? Join us and find out! May 6-8 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Pat and the Savvy Team will explore the differences between starting young horses raised in town, on small holdings with lots of attention and starting ranch raised horses that have had plenty of room to roam but far less human interaction. We’ll delve into the differences between colts and fillies and the influence breed has on a young horse’s start. The legendary Pitchfork Ranch will supply a cadre of well-bred ranch raised colts, while local demo horses will represent the “townies”. A hand-picked team of the best Parelli Colt Starting Specialists will showcase how to build a natural foundation for success, as Pat rides herd and gives guidance from outside the round pens to fan the flames of learning. You will learn firsthand:

  • The difference between taming and starting colts and why it matters. See the contrasts in action with six ranch raised/six family or performance raised colts, fillies and colts and young horses of different breeds!
  • The colt starting legacies, wit and wisdom passed down through Pat from his mentors Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Ronnie Willis.
  • How young horses can be started gently and calmly, be ridden and even trailer loaded within hours. It’s not supernatural, it’s supremely natural!
  • How to find the sweet ending note each time you work with a colt so that your horse eagerly asks, “You coming back again tomorrow?
  • How you can learn to recognize the needs of unique horse personalities and how each Horsenality™ should alter your training approach.

If you know of anyone who would like to learn from one of the leading Natural Horsemanship clinicians in the world……..2 FREE COLT STARTING NATURALLY TICKETS.  These are special tickets,  the barcode doesn’t matter, so feel free to distribute to your friends who might be interested.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!



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