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Brushy Creek Pet FoodIntroducing our own Brushy Creek Dog Food, custom made for Russell Feed and Supply. Brushy Creek Pet Food is made in Texas, by Texans,  for Texans, and contains the finest, locally sourced ingredients.  Try our chicken or pork meat first, grain-free formulas, or pick up a bag of our meat first, with-grain formula to give your dog the best nutrition possible. Brushy Creek offers exceptional nutrition at a fair price. Try a bag today, your pet will thank you.

Brushy Creek Dog Food formulas:  (Click links for nutritional analysis) 

Grain-Free Chicken Dog Food & Brushy Creek Grain Free Pork

  • A meat-first, grain-free diet non-GMO formula. Complete and balanced nutrition with no wheat, corn or soy.
    • 25# bag, everyday low price, just $32.99
    • 6# bag. everyday low price, just $10.99

All Life Stages Pork Dog Food

  • A good, meat-first diet at a great price.
    • 40# bag, everyday low price, just $24.99

Beef Meal Topper,  Chicken Meal Topper & NEW Heart Healthy Meal Topper

  • Sprinkle over kibble to encourage the pet to eat. Or use as a topper to add protein and fat.

NEW Beef Meatball & Chicken Meatball Treats

  • A great treat for dogs that are sensitive to gluten, grain, and other common allergens packed into most baked treats! These meatball treats are designed to give your dog a fantastic low-carb treat without you needing to feel guilty!

Dogs can eat the same diet throughout their entire lives, but the amounts need to change as they age. We don’t feed a diet high in carbs because we believe older dogs need fewer sugars, not more. Feeding a puppy a diet high in protein and fat is a must. All Life Stage food, we have your dog covered, no matter their age. Stop by one of our eight Russell Feed and Supply locations and give our new Brushy Creek Dog Food a try.






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