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Vaccination Station Camp Bowie

Vaccination Station visits at our Camp Bowie store every 3rd Saturday of the month to provide mobile, low cost pet vaccination and heartworm-testing.  Vaccination Station has been providing affordable dog and cat vaccinations, heartworm tests, and heartworm preventative for over eighteen years.

Russell Feed & Supply
9804 Camp Bowie West
Ft. Worth, TX
Phone: 817-244-3830

The mission is to make quality vaccinations and heartworm prevention available to all pet owners at a reasonable price.

Vaccination Station Services Include:

  • Rabies and all other vaccinations for dogs and cats
  • Heartworm testing for dogs
  • Heartworm prevention for dogs and cats
  • Revolution for cats
  • Advantage Multi & Sentinel for dogs’ fleas and heartworms
  • Comfortis & Capstar flea control



  • Rabies    $13
  • DHPPC    $25
  • DHPP    $25
  • Parvo    $15
  • Bordetella    $15
  • Lyme Disease    $18
  • 4 Way Lepto    $18
  • Influenza two strains included (H3N2 and H3N8)  $36
  • Heartworm Test  $22
  • Intestinal Parasite Exam (Antech Laboratory)  $22


  • Rabies $13
  • FVRCP $17
  • Feline Leukemia $19
  • FIP $36

Microchip $40
Includes free registration.

Rabies Vaccinations – $13.

Vaccination Station & Operation Vaccination provides canine and feline rabies vaccinations for $12.

Dog Vaccination Packages – $45-$80

Our Dog Combo package includes vaccinations for Rabies, DHP, Parvo, Corona, and Bordetella. The fee for our Dog Combo package is $45.

Our Dog Combo Plus package includes all items in our Dog Combo package, plus four-way Lepto or Lyme or Canine Influenza Virus. The fee for our Dog Combo Plus package is $60.

Our Dog Works package includes all items in our Dog Combo package and testing for heartworms. The fee for our Dog Works package is $65.

Our Super Dog package includes all items in our Dog Works package as well as vaccination for four-way Lepto or Lyme. The fee for our Super Dog package is $80.

Cat Vaccination Packages – $27-$40

Our Cat Basic package includes vaccination for rabies & FVRCP. The fee for our Cat Basic package is $27.

Our Cat Combo package includes vaccination for rabies, FVRCP and Feline Leukemia. The fee for our Cat Combo package is $40.

Heartworm Prevention – $22

Vaccination Station & Operation Vaccination offers low-cost Heartworm Testing, several choices of monthly heartworm preventatives, and flea prevention at discounted prices.

The heartworm test is free with the purchase of a one year supply of heartworm preventative.

For Information about Vaccination Station & Operation Vaccination, heartworm or flea control product refills, please EMAIL US at this email address: vaccinationstation@sbcglobal.net

Intestinal Parasite Exam (Antech Laboratory) – $22

* The Intestinal Parasite Exam can be substituted in place of the heartworm test in the Dog Works and Superdog Packages.

* If you have the opportunity to bring a fresh fecal sample from your pet, we can submit it for the exam. Otherwise, we will send a specimen container with you that you can be dropped off at any Vaccination Station or Operation Vaccination clinic.

* We also have postage-paid mailers available for $7. The specimen will be delivered to our office and we will submit it.

Free Services Vaccination Station & Operation Vaccination

Staff members will engrave your telephone number on the back of your pet’s rabies tag at no additional charge.

Free rabies vaccinations for the pets of firemen, teachers & law enforcement officers with picture ID.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Prices are subject to change.

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