To our customers with fruit and pecan trees-

  • When you can, catch a day with the temps between 40 – 98 degrees.  This is a great time to spray with horticulture oil, dormant oil, or a all season oil.  Any of these oil sprays will kill insect eggs.  Insects lay their eggs on your trees in the fall and will hatch in the warm spring weather.  We carry a great line of both organic and chemical fruit and pecan tree sprays!

Moving on to your yards-

  • As soon as this weather clears up, it is time to apply pre-emergent.
    • We carry the organic corn gluten meal which covers about 2000 sq. ft. per bag.
    • We carry several chemical pre-emergent.
    • New for us this year is Bonide Weed Beater Complete.  Weed Beater Complete is both a pre-emergent and post-emergent.  It will kill both grassy and broadleaf weeds. Those already up and those that will try to come up.
  • The timing for applying pre-emergent is:
    • Early February
    • End of April first of May
    • Mid September
    • Applying pre-emergent 3 times or more a year should give you a weed free lawn.


  • February 14th is the time to prune your bush roses back about half way.  For your climbing roses, just prune to shape.  No major pruning needs to be done.
  • All of our stores have bulk and packaged seeds for your gardens.
  • A fresh supply of cold crop plants should be arriving soon.
  • We still have onions and potatoes for your gardens.



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