Fertilize organicallyWhy fertilize organically? In today’s fast, hectic pace of life, we have begun to rely on man-made synthetic fertilizers to feed our green world. These chemical fertilizers are made to provide the three main plant growth elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash, synthetically. While these types of fertilizers are usually fast acting and provide quick results, an organic approach can support certain aspects of our natural world in the long-term, including building up microorganisms and organic matter that is vital to a healthy lawn and landscape.

By incorporating a natural lawn care program, you can begin to feed the soil so it can feed the grass as nature has intended. Nature’s Guide plant foods strive to renew and reinvigorate soils and lawns. This allows plants the natural means to build a healthier, better landscape that is also safe for our kids, pets, and our planet.

The key to a fertile soil is the beneficial soil microorganism. These are microscopic flora and fauna of the soil made up of one-celled and many-celled microscopic bacteria and fungi. They feed on decaying organic matter and minerals in the soil and reduce them to elemental forms of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash, thus feeding constantly and creating a strong and beautiful landscape.

So let’s talk about everyone’s favorite eye-catching part of their house, the lawn! Let’s show you how to use the Nature’s Guide Lawn and Turf Foods to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood! With our program and a little patience, you will have a lawn more resistant to the ravages of heat, cold, drought, excessive water, and even insects! Let’s give back our lawn the tools to thrive.


Depending on your climate, we suggest fertilizing 2 to 4 times a year. Click to see our Nature’s Guide Turf Management Calendar.

1. Apply Nature’s Guide Natural Premium Turf Food (6-1-4) or Nature’s Guide Natural Turf Food (4-3-2) one to three weeks before your last average frost date. The slow releasing nutrients work in the soil to feed new grassroots and stimulate growth. Both products are optimized to encourage the development of beneficial soil microorganisms.

2. In Texas, we recommend that the first feeding is done in March followed by an additional application early June or late May, depending on rainfall. With every application, Nature’s Guide Turf Foods add more organic matter to the soil. Better soil grows better turf by retaining moisture and supporting healthy microorganism activity.

3. We also suggest adding in an application of dried molasses with your fertilizers. The sugars that are broken down are a great kickstart feed for your microorganisms. They like sugar as much as we do!

4. Any time from the last week in September through the last week in October make another application of Nature’s Guide Natural Turf Food (4-3-2). This will help slowly feed and prepare your lawn for the upcoming fall by strengthening the root systems.

Not ready to take the full plunge into a completely organic lawn program? We have the perfect “bridge product” for you, Nature’s Guide Natural Based Lawn Food (9-2-2). We take the Nature’s Guide Natural Turf Food (4-3-2) and fortify it with additional synthetic urea Nitrogen. It gives your lawn the quick jolt of the fast release nitrogen but also helps build the soil without harming the biology of your microorganisms. You can substitute it with any application of the others.



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