Where did the year go? The Christmas season is here, bringing beautiful poinsettia and Christmas cactus plants. These holiday plant and garden tips will keep your plants healthy and looking good all season long and well into the new year!

holiday plant and garden tipsPoinsettia Plants:

  • Need plenty of bright light
  • Keep soil moist
  • Keep away from heat vents and the fireplace
  • Stay away from cold drafts

Christmas Cactus:

The Christmas cactus is not a drought tolerant plant.  It is a tropical type plant.  Therefore it should be watered thoroughly.  It’s important to let it dry completely between watering.

  • Do not let the plant stand in water.  It will rot easily.
  • Provide medium to bright light
  • Keep the plant away from heater vents and the fireplace

Winter Flowerbeds:

Take a step outside and look at the flowerbeds. With family and friends coming to visit, bright colors in the flowerbeds add a festive feeling to your home. Hearty plants that will last the winter season include pansies, ornamental cabbage, and kale. These plants can take the cold Texas winter and last until spring.

The key to healthy, happy flowers is flower bed preparation. Use a good compost and mix it thoroughly in the soil. We offer a great variety of composts at our stores. Level the soil out and plant the plants in a checkerboard pattern. Offset every other row, this will give a fuller look to your beds. Make sure you water and fertilize regularly. Don’t forget to add mulch! With a little work, you can turn a summer stressed flower bed into a bright and colorful welcome to your home.

Have a gardener on your holiday shopping list? Here are a few gift ideas to stuff their stocking this Christmas!

  • Bird feeder and seeds
  • Birdhouses
  • Wind chimes
  • Rain Gauge
  • Farmer’s Almanacs

Consider a Russell Feed Gift Card for those hard to buy for folks in your life as well!

Looking ahead to next year, onions should be arriving in our stores middle of January, as well as fresh bulk seed. Seed potatoes typically should be planted in February.

Send us your holiday pictures of flower beds, Christmas lights, birds on the feeders, or anything that has to do with the outdoors and gardening.

Thanks all! Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas.