Gator is one lucky pup. On February 24, 2013, a couple of two-day old Great Pyrenees puppies were brought to the Jacksboro Highway Russell Feed store. The owner explained that his dog had puppies and wasn’t caring for them properly.  The mother dog was deaf and could not hear the puppies whining to be fed. The owner’s job involved travel and he could not care for the puppies himself.  The puppies were in desperate need of nutrition and warmth.  Cassandra, the manager of the store took them in that first night.   Unfortunately, one of the puppies was too weak and passed away.

Arriving at work the following day, I was informed of the news and instantly fell in love with the tiny puppy. Cassandra asked if I would help feed the pup throughout the day. I’ve bottle fed pups before and who can resist cuddling with a puppy?  Needless to say it didn’t take long to become attached and to adopt him.

So how does a dog that is supposed to be big, white, and fluffy attain the name Gator? He sort of named himself. Gator was too weak to cry as a puppy and instead squeaked out a sound that, well, sounded like a baby alligator.   Voilà, dubbed forever with his odd name.

Seven months later Gator is a large, goofy, hairy pup. Folks often ask about his size, beautiful coat and eating habits.  Most of Gator’s silky coat, healthy weight, and overall well being is thanks to Exclusive dog food. After weaning, Gator started on our house brand of dog food, Exclusive dog food.  This dog food is healthy without fillers, provides large breed dogs with the right balance of nutrition, and the price didn’t make my wallet cry. Did I mention that Gator loves it?

I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Gator is growing at a steady pace, not too fast for his joints, eats less than what most dogs would at his age with the digestible nutrients that keep him full, and his fur is soft and shiny. If it could stop the massive shedding, this would be the ultimate food!   I’m happy to recommend Exclusive  feeds to customers, and have plenty of photos to show how well my dog does on it.

Jamie Baylor – Russell Feed & Supply Jacksboro employee



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