Hay Report for September 2011

As I write this months hay report we have seen some rain in the area, with a better chance for more rain on the horizon. We still have time for a good cutting if we can get rid of these 100 degree plus days and get another widespread rain. It can happen, pray that it does!

Round Bales: The Bermuda rolls are all coming from Florida. We have developed a good relationship with a grower there. He ships them in a box trailer instead of a flat bed. This makes getting trucks easier,  however the bales are 6 inches shorter to enable him to double stack inside the van. The protein on these is tested at 13%. We have a steady supply of inventory.

The Alabama Bahia rolls have been hard to come by. These rolls are bigger and heavier,  but getting trucks has been almost impossible and the freight cost have made them very expensive.

2 String Coastal: We have run out of local hay.  For now all inventory is coming from Florida. Florida’s high humidity takes longer to dry hay, which results in a different color of hay than we are used to. Inventory is adequate for now. Trucks have not been a problem.

2 String Alfalfa: Coming from New Mexico, supplies are limited.  Prices are high. The 3 String is a better value at this time.

3 String Bermuda: California Grown, we have some in inventory. Freight out of California has been horrible. I hope we don’t have to depend on this product.

3 String Alfalfa: California/Arizona Grown, it is our best supply of the year at this time.


Baled Corn Cobs: We have about 10 rolls left. I have fed them and don’t like anything about them. If you can use them give Randy at the Saginaw store a call and he will make you a deal on what we have left. We will not carry them in the future.

This long drought has left Sandy and I chasing down every available lead for hay for the last 2 months.   I can tell you without hesitation that we have the best hay and hay growers in the country located in this area. If you know them or see one of them, give them a big hug.  They deserve it!

On a personal note the 39 bred cows I recently purchased have produced 25 calves in the short 5 weeks I have had them. Impressive!

See you around the barn, the rain’s a comin’!



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