December 2011

A big thanks to all who attended our cattle meeting. It was our biggest meeting to date. H. D. Brittan spoke about the importance of branding your cattle.  If you’re a member of of Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raiser’s Association (and I think you should be) you can get a discount from L-H Branding Irons. Click the link for discount information.

While we’re on the subject of cattle, effective January 1st farmers and ranchers are required to have a special registration number to claim sales tax exemption on taxable products used in those business.   It takes less 10 minutes to complete. Access the information online here or call 800-252-5555 to have them send you a form by mail.

We’re winding down the year here at Russell Feed, but still have a few items on our calendar.  Look for our booth at the Lone Star State Classic Dog Show (Dec 9-11).  Don’t forget our year end customer appreciation coupon!

Hay Report December 2011

The hay situation continues to be tight.  The next 3 months will be difficult with limited availability on most varieties we carry.  Please be patient and check back with us daily for updates on availability.

Round Bales: We have about 600 roll of good quality locally grown hay left.  All our stores should have some in inventory by mid December.  It’s excellent hay, and very expensive. Unfortunately we have to limit purchases to 2 bales per person, this will help us stretch the supply.   We expect this to be gone by January.  Florida hay is no longer available.

2 String Coastal:   Our supply is okay.  We are expecting better quality hay in early December.  Expect the price to increase by .50 around mid December.

2 String Alfalfa: The New Mexico hay I was expecting fell through.  We have no supply at this time. Sandy and I did meet with a grower in the Lubbock area. We are looking forward to building a long term relationship with him for the future.

3 String Bermuda: The hay growers and brokers have all decided to price gouge as much as they possibly can. We have NO supply or supplier at this time.  I expect this to change with the new tax year.  Plan on pricing around $350.00 a ton plus $6.00 a bale freight.

3 String Alfalfa: Not much of a supply at this time.  Not much expected.

I hope everyone who reads this has heeded my past warnings and has a good supply of hay stored. It was money well spent.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you around the Barn,




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December 2011