Our shortest month of the year grows by a day this year. If you haven’t “leaped”over to the Fort Worth Stock Show, now is the time! The stock show will end its run on Saturday February 4th. Russell Feed & Supply participated in the Fort Worth Stock show parade in January, check out our photo!  We hope to make this a yearly event.

Speaking of stock shows February 17th and 18th is the Tarrant County Junior Livestock show. I encourage you to attend. It’s the only time most of our area youths will ever be involved in livestock feeding, grooming and showing. Mark you calendars, the sale will be at noon on February 18th.

Some good news to pass along to you.  I am pleased to report we have lowered prices on Range Cubes and Molasses Tubs!  Hopefully you have taken advantage of these new prices.  We expect this trend to continue.

Valentines Day is around the corner and the Don’t Forget to Feed Me pet food pantry will be hosting their annual Valentines Pet Food drive this month. Look for donation boxes in all our stores.  Remember, all donations stay within our community, please consider making a donation to this worthy cause.

On a personal note, February marks the beginning of our daughter Megan’s junior year of college softball. Good luck to the Trinity University softball team this year. Go Tigers!!  

Hay Report February 2012

We started the year the same way we ended it, wet!  January 2012 was the second wettest January ever, and we are thankful for the rain. The unseasonably warm winter has taken the pressure off  the hay supply side. While growers haven’t lowered hay prices, they don’t appear to be holding onto inventories for higher prices.

At this time the 10 day forecast doesn’t show any severe weather.  I expect we will have a very cold spell about mid February and then we hopefully jump into spring.

There was a hay auction this past month. The first one I had ever heard of.  Keep this in mind, always do your homework and research local hay prices.  I was surprised to see some hay selling for more than our retail prices.  Must have been some good auctioneering to accomplish that!  I expect to hear of more hay auctions in the future.

Round Bales: Sold our last local rolls of round bales a couple of weeks ago. We are purchasing round bale hay out of Florida once again.  The quality has been decent, just wish the rolls were a bit larger.

2 String Coastal: We are shipping our last inventory to stores this week. Don’t expect anymore until mid-May.

2 String Alfalfa: We are out and don’t plan on having any in stock until the April timeframe.  The last we priced, our cost was $16.00 a bale.  Consider the 3 String Alfalfa, it’s a better value.

3 String Bermuda: I think the growers finally caught on to the fact that demand had softened. We bought 10 truck loads last month. Hopefully we can source enough of this product to last us awhile.

3 String Alfalfa: We have a good supply!  Give us a call and we’ll set you up.

See you around the barn.




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