January 2012

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  It’s time to look forward to the start of a new year, here’s wishing for a great 2012 for everyone!  I am certain we live in the greatest area of the country right here in Fort Worth, Texas.

Speaking of Cowtown;  Teresa, Megan, and I spent News Years Eve at Riscky’s Steakhouse and then attended the Stockyards Championship Rodeo. The weather and the bulls were great and it was a lot of fun. Speaking of the Rodeo, if you would like to go, send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will hook you up with some free tickets.

Check out our new pricing on pine shaving. With the opening of our hay/shavings barn we now have plenty of storage space, allowing us to purchase larger quantities where we can pass along the savings to you, our customers.

I am hopeful that since the Ethanol fuel tax subsidies have expired that we might see feed price’s adjust downward accordingly in the coming months.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Its time to start thinking about your garden. We have seed potatoes and onion plants in our stores now.  Don’t wait to purchase your seed potatoes,  it looks like the supply might be short this year.  Store them in a dark closet until you get ready to plant them, around  February 14th.

Don’t forget the Fort Worth Stock Show starts January 13 and runs thru February 4th!

Hay Report January 2012
December being warm and wet was exactly what we needed to take some pressure off the demand for hay. This has helped prolong our inventory a bit, although we do expect shortages on most of what we carry.  Let’s pray our weather for January and February will provide additional rains.

Round Bales: We have some good quality bales available now, but expect to run out of them soon.  We continue to look for additional sources. The challenges we face are the lack of quality and high prices.

2 String Coastal: Quality is very good, but supply is getting short.  December sales were twice what we expected. I fully expect the grower to raise the price 50 cents in mid-January.


2 String Alfalfa: I believe we are out until April. I looked at some today from Wisconsin, 40# bales and at best #2 quality.  They were asking $9.00 a bale, we declined it.

3 String Bermuda: We have none and don’t expect any. I call it “Grower Greed”.

3 String Alfalfa: Today we received 2 of the 6 trucks we are expecting this week. Supply and quality both look good at this time. Freight and price could be better, but at least we aren’t out.

See you around the barn,



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January 2012