Even though the Fall equinox does not occur until sometime around September 22nd, now is the time to start applying a fall pre-emergent to your lawn. At Russell Feed & Supply, we recommend using pre-emergent weed control products such as Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed and Grass Stopper containing Dimension, Fertilome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery, Hi-Yield Crabgrass Control (Balan) or Setre company XL 2G (Balan & Surflan).  These chemical pre-emergents will stop and control unwanted winter weeds and grasses if applied at the correct time of the season. Typically, the best time to apply is during the first few weeks of September.

For organic lawn care, apply Nature’s Guide Corn Gluten Meal or Corn Gluten Meal Granules now to help stop those unwanted weeds and grasses. Nature’s Guide Corn Gluten Meal or Granules should be applied at the rate of 20 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. and should also be applied in early September. All of these recommended pre-emergents will not cause harm to any established lawns, trees, shrubs or flowers. This means any plant with an established root system (including weeds) will not be affected by a pre-emergent treatment. Because a pre-emergent only stops seeds from germinating, do not apply a pre-emergent at this time if you have plans to overseed your lawn with ryegrass or fescue seeds. The pre-emergent will prevent rye, fescue and other grass seeds from sprouting.

September is also a great time to apply a fall fertilizer to the lawn. After the stress from the summer heat, a lawn needs a boost to help it through the winter months. Our house brand Nutra Grow 15-5-10 or Nature’s Guide organic poultry-based fertilizers like 4-3-2 or 9-2-2 will prepare your lawn for the winter ahead. Applying a chemical fertilizer like Nutra Grow 28-0-0 will give your lawn grass one last great big green up before the first frost is projected by the Farmers Almanac to arrive on or around November 15th.

Having a happy and healthy lawn next spring requires doing a little work now— you will find the results well worth it. Visit us today at one of our eight North Texas Russell Feed & Supply stores for your Fall pre-emergents and fertilizer products.




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