Kalmbach Non-GMO Feeds available at Russell Feed & Supply.Kalmbach Feed is now at Russell Feed & Supply!

Attention chicken-keepers and animal lovers! Russell Feed & Supply is excited to offer an American-made, non-GMO feed option that will keep your animals healthy and happy. Kalmbach Feeds offers a variety of chicken feed options, including scratch grain, chick starter, layer feed, and broiler/grower feed. And that’s not all – we also carry sow & pig, goat feed, and All-Stock to ensure a well-rounded diet for all of your animals. Stop by your local Russell Feed store and give Kalmbach Feeds a try.

Pick up the following Non-GMO Feeds:

16% Flock Maintainer Pellet
18% Start Right™ Chick Feed
20% Flock Maker Crumble
17% Layer Crumble
17% Layer Pellet
Soy-Free 5-Grain Premium Scratch
Sweet Country 16% All Stock Pellet
16% Sow & Pig Grower
Goat Granola
Soy-Free Goat Granola Block
16% Goat Pellet

Watch Kalmbach’s video on the benefits of Goat Granola feed:


Kalmbach’s Premium Nutrition Promise

We promise to feed your animals as if they were our own, which means we don’t compromise when it comes to the quality and nutrition of our products. Kalmbach sources the most premium ingredients we can find, all of which are tested before we accept them. We proudly offer fixed formula, non-GMO, soy-free, organic options and more.



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