Summer is here and so is the heat.  I am thankful for all the rain we received in June.  It made the gardens and lawns look great this year.  However, it also set the stage for a mosquito problem.

It has already been reported that West Nile Virus (WNV) is in the DFW area.  So let’s stop the WNV mosquitoes before they stop you.  You ask what makes a mosquito a carrier of WNV and how is it spread?

Infected Mosquitoes.

Most often, WNV is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds. Infected mosquitoes can then spread WNV to humans and other animals when they bite” -From the Center Of Disease Control  

To help protect you and your family from the mosquitoes that carry WNV. Stop by any of the 7 Russell Feed Stores and select from a number of mosquito products.  Apply these mosquito repelling products from 45 minutes to an hour before your outdoor event.  These products will protect you, your family and friends for hours.  For more information on the controls of mosquitoes, check out or friends from Nature’s Guide and their line of mosquito products

Fleas are another big problem this year.  Customers are saying they have never had a flea problem so bad like the one this year.  To help control and kill the fleas it is best to treat the yard, animals and home all at the same time. Apply spray or use granule flea killers to the yards.  Then re-apply 7 to 10 days later with a different flea product to kill the fleas hatching out.  In some case a third application may need to be applied to the yard.  Use Capstar on your pets to kill the fleas on them now.  Then apply Frontline plus drops for month-long control.  There are several products to be used in the home from foggers, carpet sprays and professional products such as Talstar.  Our staff at Russell’s should be able to guide you in your selection of products.

Since summer is here, so comes the job of keeping our lawns and plants alive.  Watering becomes important and some areas still have water restrictions in place.  Water in the early mornings and adjust sprinkler heads and sprinklers to keep water off the sidewalks and roads.  Use bark mulch in bed areas to help hold moisture in around plants.  Note: that a 2 cubic foot bag of pine, cedar or colored mulch will cover 12 square feet 2” deep.   Since you are watering, now is a good time to add fertilizer.  Russell Feed has our own line of Nutra Gro Fertilizers.  Choose from 15-5-10, 15-5-10 slow release or 28-0-0 slow release.  These fine fertilizers will keep your lawn looking green and thick through the summer.

I know we have been hitting 100 degrees and it is early for some of you to think about fall gardens but fall tomatoes will be in the Russell stores this week.

Mark your calendars, the Benbrook Organic Club is meeting on July 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Benbrook Library.

As always sends me your garden questions and your garden pictures and we will post them.

Have A Great Summer!




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