Spring is here and the plants love it.  Many of you took advantage of our mild winter and had a jump start on your vegetable gardens this year.  Make sure you fertilize with Nature’s Guide organic fertilizer or  use 13-13-13 or 10-20-10 fertilizers. This will help your gardens turn out a good harvest!

If you are just starting on your garden make sure to stop by any Russell Feed & Supply store and check out our plants and seeds.  All our plants are locally grown right here in North Texas.  Russell Feed supports the local community by purchasing locally grown plants and flowers.   Help us by shopping local!

The wonderful spring weather means we may be in store for a bad bug year.  For the organic gardeners it’s time to combat the bugs with beneficial nematodes.  Did you know that lady bugs are nature’s aphid control?  Stop by our stores for lady bugs and praying mantis.  Come check out the full line of Nature’s Guide organic products for bug problems.  Nature’s Guide is a Fort Worth based company, Russell Feed is proud to do business with them.

The lawns are ready for spring feeding.  Russell Feed has fertilizers blended by (APF) American Plant Food,  15-5-10, 15-5-10 slow release, 28-0-0 slow release and more.  APF fertilizers are manufactured here in the Fort Worth plant, they have been manufacturing fertilizer since 1964.  Nature’s Guide organic lawn foods are also available.

Trees and shrubs can be protected from bugs this year by using a systemic soil drench.  This product will kill any pest that sucks or chews on the tree.  Just read and flow all label directions.   Remember regular spraying of fruit and pecan trees is necessary to keep insects and fungus off fruits and nuts.

Flea and tick season is around the corner!  It’s time to start your treatments now.  Get a jump on fleas and ticks before they jump on your pets and you.  Russell Feed & Supply  has a large line of organic and chemical flea and tick products for the lawn and pets.

Don’t forget to check out the Fort Worth Cactus and Succulent Society meeting on April 17th at 7:00 p.m. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Spring is off to fast start and there are plenty of things to do.  If you have any questions feel free to email me:   mike@russellfeedandsupply.com




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March 2012