Fire AntsSummer is here and so are the fire ants.  Fire ants are showing up in lawns and landscapes all over thFire Antse area.  There are several fire ant controls on the market but the top choices we recommend at Russell Feed & Supply are Come and Get It by Fertilome and Nature’s Guide Mound Drench.  Come and Get It is a bait that attracts foraging fire ants and is readily taken back into the nest as food for the colony.  Fire ants that consume the bait will appear sick and lethargic within 12-24 hours.  Dead ants will frequently be seen near mounds 24-36 hours after application.  Safe to use on and around lawns, fruits and vegetables.

Nature’s Guide Mound Drench is an all natural formula for eliminating fire ants. Use as a soil drench on ant mounds and other infested areas. Mound Drench contains Molasses, Compost Tea and Orange Oil which are highly toxic to fire ants. The gallon size is concentrated; mix 4-6 oz per gallon of water for several applications.



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