weedsIt’s that time of the year again when I’m asked the same questions:  “Where did all those weeds come from? I didn’t have this many weeds last year!” or “How many different kind of weeds can I have in my yard?”

Sound familiar?  Stop for a moment and think about how you care for your lawn then ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does my lawn service clean their mowers between every lawn they mow?
  • Did I use a pre-emergent last season?
  • Did I use any weed killers to control the weeds last season?

I can safely bet the answers to these questions are all a resounding “No”.

Here’s what happens:  your lawn service is in a hurry to mow as many lawns as possible in a given day. The more they mow, the more money they bring in no matter what kind of lawns they mow. And, it likely could be a lawn or two with tons of weeds.  At any given time, some type of weed is blooming in those lawns and those blooming weeds produce hundreds of seeds. All those tiny seeds tend to get trapped in and around the underside of the mower’s deck. So, by the time the mowing crew pulls up to your home, unloads the mowers and starts mowing, those mowers are redistributing all those weed seeds all over your lawn. Eventually, the seeds germinate then next thing you know, you have a lawn full of weeds.

Even if you mow your own lawn, ask yourself this question: Did I mow down all those weeds last year and clean up the mower after I finished?  Perhaps YOU are the culprit spreading weed seeds this season.

Don’t get me wrong— there are many lawn maintenance companies who take pride in what they do and clean their mowers and equipment between every job. But, if you have weeds, consider this as one reason why you are seeing more weeds this year.

Another explanation for a weedy lawn is because you didn’t use a pre-emergent the season before. Perhaps you used a pre-emergent in the past and didn’t have many weeds. So you thought since I didn’t have many weeds last year, I won’t spend the time and money this season to put a pre-emergent down. But did you look at your neighbor’s lawn or the lawn across the street? Did they have weeds? Chances are they did and Mother Nature with her winds blew those weed seeds right into your lawn. Applying a pre-emergent in the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons will help reduce the weed population in the lawn. A pre-emergent puts down a barrier in the lawn that help stop seeds from germinating. Using a pre-emergent three times a year will help reduce the weed population. Get the pre-emergent down before the seeds germinate!  This is crucial, it must be done before the magic moment.

Another reason you might have a weed problem this season is that you didn’t kill off the weeds from last season. If broadleaf weeds are up and growing, use a broadleaf weed killer on them. Organic folks can use 20% vinegar to kill anything you apply the vinegar to. If you see any type of bloom on the weeds, there will be seeds for future weeds. Most broadleaf weed killers will kill or control weeds like dandelion, clovers, henbit, wild aster, spurge and many more.

If you need to ID a weed and find a product to control it, check out the Fertilome & Hi-Yield weed chart at http://www.fertilome.com/Files/f8f196a6-04a3-4169-8905-020dd288d2dd/Weed%20Chart.pdf

You can control the weeds in your lawn by taking the time and doing it right.

Soon, your neighbors will be asking you, “How do you keep the weeds out of your lawn? What’s your secret?”





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February 2015
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