Well it is that time of the year again when fleas and ticks start their attack.  Treat now before you have a flea and tick problem.  Don’t wait until you and your pets start to scratch.  Treat your yards with what the professional use, Talstar granules or concentrate.  Other produces that work well for fleas and ticks are Hi-Yield Bug Blaster granules, 38 plus, Bonide Eight Insect Control, Adams Yard Spray and many other great products. Don’t forget to treat the inside of your home too!  Consider products from Viper, Bayer, Adams or Bio Spot home pest control products.

For the control of the flea and ticks on your pets, Russell’s has a full line of flea and tick shampoo, dips and collars.  We have Capstar for quick removal of fleas and Spot on such as Frontline and the New Fipoguard.  Fiproguard plus kills flea, ticks, chewing lice, flea eggs and flea larvae.  Frontline and Fiproguard are monthly spot on products for your pets.

For the organic customers, consider (D.E.) Diatomaceous Earth to help with the flea and tick problem.  D.E. removes the waxy protective finish of an insect’s shell, causing acute dehydration and death.  D.E. kills all stages of ticks and fleas when applied to lawns, bedding areas, carpets and pet’s fur.  When you use D.E. on and around your well loved pets, you may do so without worry.  The Department of Agriculture and FDA allows D.E. to be sold as a food additive for up 2% of an animal’s diet.  No worry when pets lick this product from their paws! We recommend the Dust Mizer for outdoor application for most economical spread of D.E.  The Dust Mizer holds about 6 oz. which covers about 500 square feet.  Nature’s Guide CedarCide Granules repels fleas, mosquitoes, snakes, ants and more.  A bag will cover up to 3000 square feet.

Organic sprays such as Spinosad will kill fleas and many other yard insects. It is best to retreat according to label directions to help break the flea life cycle.  With any chemical or organic products read and follow all label directions.  Let’s get the fleas and ticks before they get you and your pets.



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