Texas is a great state to live in!  I just returned from a trip to Big Bend National Park and the Chisos Mountain Region.  The color from the wild flowers blooming beside the back country roads was amazing.  The drive into the Chisos Mountains and Big Bend National Park was filled with color from all the cacti blooming. 

This Hedgehog cactus and others were in full bloom and other varieties of cacti were about to bloom as well.  What a Great trip!

For lawns lacking good, rich, green color try out our 28-0-0 fertilizer or any other great formulations Russell Feed Store’s provide.  As always, organic fertilizer from Nature’s Guide is ready to be applied to flowerbeds, vegetables and lawns.

Fleas and ticks are planning their attack this year on you and your pets.  Strike first with the flea and tick products for your lawns and pets.  Our employees are glade to guide you on your fight with the pests in your lawn and home this year.  For those of you fighting grass burs in lawns, now is the time to apply pre-emergents to help control grass burs.

Pecan trees need a high nitrogen fertilizer this time of the year.  One pound of a high nitrogen fertilizer per inch of trunk diameter around the drip line area and water it in.

Trichogramma wasp is a tiny wasp that preys on the eggs of more than 200 moths, including borers, webworms, loopers, fruitworms, cutworms and more.  Help keep your fruit and pecan trees worm free with this little wasp.  Trichogramma wasps are in stock now and ready to be placed in your trees.

The Texas Nursery Landscape Association (TNLA) had a meeting at the Fort Worth Zoo a few weeks ago.  The meeting was on the organic maintenance of the plants in the animal enclosure and grounds.  There are no chemicals used by the landscaping crews in and around the zoo grounds.  The next time you visit the nationally acclaimed Fort Worth Zoo look around at the plants and know the animals and your family are safe from chemicals.

The Fort Worth Cactus and Succulent Society is having their annual show and sale!

   Where:  Ridgmar Mall

    When:  May 11th-13th

Don’t forget to send in your prize vegetable or plant picture!  We will share them on our website! 




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