Texas summer is showing the DFW area how hot it can really get here.  Just remember, there are only five months (153 days) left in this year!  Average high temperature for August is 94 degrees and average low is 74 degrees.  The average rainfall is 2.03 inches for the month.

August To Do List:

Keep spraying for the West Nile Virus mosquitoes.  Keep your family and pets safe from those pesky pests.

Follow up spraying for fleas and ticks.  Continue spraying even though fleas and ticks seem to be gone.  Rotate your choice of insecticide every few weeks.

The best time to water the lawn is early morning.  This helps minimize water loss due to evaporation.  Also, use mulch to help control weeds and hold in moisture.

Start the fall vegetable gardens, tomatoes can be planted now.

There isn’t much to do this time of year but maintain what you already have planted in your gardens.

Send me your questions and pictures.

Keep cool!