As the weather begins to change, the next 28 days will be full of chores in your lawn and garden.  If you don’t have your onions planted by now, you still have time. The soil should be just right for seed potatoes too. Stop by any of our Russell Feed & Supply stores for onion sets and seed potatoes.

Planting Vegetables:

Take a seed potato and quarter it and let it set over night so  the cut ends will callus over.  Plant the seed potato a quarter 3” to 4” deep and 12” to 15” apart.  Space rows 2’ to 3’ apart. After the potato plant has bloomed, harvest  for new potatoes. For larger size potatoes, wait until the tops have fallen over.  The target date for planting seed potatoes is February 14th.

This is a great time to plant other cool weather vegetables either by seeds or plant starts like lettuce, spinach and cabbage.  For gardens just getting started, try Nature’s Guide Compost, it is ready for gardens and flowerbeds.

Remember, Russell Feed stocks organic soil amendments and mulches for every type of garden.

Preventing Weeds & Grassburs:

Now is the time to apply pre-emergent to your lawns. With the warmer weather, weed seeds are germinating.  A pre-emergent should be applied before seeds start to germinate.  Use the organic Corn Gluten Meal or any chemical pre-emergent now.  Re-apply every 3 to 4 months to slow and stop weed growth.

Natural Corn Gluten Spreadable/Meal 

Organic/No Chemicals
Slow release nitrogen
Prevents weeds                


Spread molasses over the yard to build up the micro-organism for a more happy, healthy lawn.

Use at the rate of 10lbs. per 1000 sq.ft.

 Fruit & Pecan Trees: 

Don’t forget to use Horticulture Oil (Dormant Oil) to spray fruit and pecan trees.  For a bug and disease free season, follow the Texas Cooperative Extension Spray Guide.

Send questions and pictures of your gardens to and I will post them in my Russell Feed & Supply blog!

Have a Great Planting Season!



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January 2013