The weather has been great this year for growing vegetables.  Looks like most of our customers are reporting a great harvest this season.  To keep the vegetables producing  fertilize with Nature’s Guide 4-3-2 organic fertilizer.  To control any insect problems in the garden use Nature’s Guide Tomato & Pepper Spray or any Spinosad products.

For our customers that have had grasshopper problems in the past.  Now is the time to spread Nolo Bait out to help stop the grasshoppers.   Nolo Bait is a grasshopper suppression bait made from wheat bran which is sprayed with a suspension of distilled water, a sticking agent, and Nosema locustae spores. It is non-toxic to humans, livestock, wild animals, birds, fish, or life forms other than grasshoppers and species of insects closely related to grasshoppers.

Is the lawn looking a pale color?  Use Russell Feed Brand Nutra Grow Fertilizers 15-5-10, 15-5-10 slow release or 28-0-0 slow release.  Any of these products will green and grow your lawn.  For those thin spots in the lawn and in full sun spread some Pennington Bermuda grass seed over the area.  Newly planted Bermuda seed will be up with in 7 to 14 days if kept watered.

When getting ready for your backyard event be sure to apply CedarCide granules or spray a few hours before the event.  This will help keep those flying insects like mosquitoes away for hours.

Send your prize vegetable and plant pictures to us and we will post them on our website.




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