Organic, Safe and Effective Insect Controllers

This is the worst season we’ve seen in years for mosquitos, fleas, and ticks– while pretty effective, conventional insecticides have their drawbacks. Repeated and frequent use of conventional insect repellents eventually eliminates the “good” bugs in your landscape.  And, due to the chemicals in these products, care must be taken to make sure humans and animals don’t receive a toxic reaction from their application. Russell Feed & Supply has a large selection of effective organic insecticides to use in your frequently visited outdoor spaces. Products such as Garlic Spray and CedarCide granules and spray work well and are completely safe around people and pets.

The scent or smell of CedarCide interrupts an insect’s ability to receive these chemical signals. By overloading their pheromone signals, it creates mass confusion. They, in turn, lose the ability to perform certain tasks like mating and finding food. Their immediate response is to leave the treated area or risk certain death. Studies of Cedar Oils have been shown to be effective in killing mosquitos.

Garlic Spray is one of the most powerful and effective of all plant-based insect repellents and controls. Garlic spray uses garlic oil, a little citric acid, and a tiny bit of potassium sorbate to keep it fresh. The odor can be a little strong at first then quickly fades for humans but remains strong enough to keep bugs away for a long time.

Visit the Russell Feed & Supply store nearest you for all of your organic pest control and gardening needs including a full line of organic products.



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