Natural Based lawn foodNature’s Guide Own Natural Based Lawn Food is Russell Feed & Supply’s  9-2-2 formulation, based off of our 4-3-2 poultry litter formulation. This hybrid is for the customer that wants to start building toward an organic program but isn’t ready to dive fully in. While organic fertilizers tend to require patience for noticeable results, this formulation gives you the quick green up while still adding beneficials to the soil organically. It can be the best of both worlds for customers starting up an organic program.

We add quality synthetic urea nitrogen that will provide the quick green up commonly seen from synthetic based fertilizers. Once it is consumed the rest of the poultry litter base goes to work by extending the feeding time by slowly breaking down.

40 lb Bag covers up to 4,000 square feet.

Click to view the Russell Feed & Supply Nature’s Guide-Turf Management Calendar.  Learn which products to apply and when, for a beautiful, green lawn.



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