Natural Turf FoodNature’s Guide Natural Turf Food is a naturally derived 4-3-2 formulation and is poultry litter based. Naturally heated pasteurized poultry litter base is rich in nitrogen and is quickly broken down in the soil.

Poultry litter is more than just composted chicken poop. It is sourced from chickens raised on absorbent organic material such as sawdust or peanut hulls. This material is periodically collected, along with the manure and shredded feathers, to be pasteurized. It is taken to an enclosed processing plant where an industrial processor and oven spins out the moisture and heats it to 225 degrees. The heat is carefully monitored so as not to run too hot and ruin the nutrient content. The dried product is then hammered out in a dry sandy material. It then gets combined with our biostimulant package of alfalfa meal, molasses, and seaweed extract. By combining the natural slow release of the poultry litter and the soil building properties of our organic cocktail, this turns the “good ole’ fashioned” poultry litter into an organic powerhouse.

40 lb Bag covers up to 4,000 square feet.

Click to view the Russell Feed & Supply Nature’s Guide-Turf Management Calendar.  Learn which products to apply and when, for a beautiful, green lawn.




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