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If you raise chickens, then Russell Feed is your backyard flock headquarters!  We love all those barnyard creatures that cluck, crow, or cackle, and we want to help you raise them right!  We have all the products you need to get started raising chickens and to keep them healthy and productive throughout their lives.  We stock a large assortment of poultry products, including feed, hutches, heat lamps, waterers and more. Do you need baby chicks? Call us at the store and we can help you get your flock started!

Need more information on raising chickens?  We’ve got all the information you need.  See our Chicken Resources below to find out everything you need to know.

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Flocktober at Russell Feed Stores

Join us for Flocktober at Russell Feed & Supply, October 1 through October 31, 2019! Visit the Russell Feed location nearest you during our Purina F ...

Farm To Flock Chicken Treats

Purina Farm to Flock Chicken Treats is a natural, healthy and wholesome treat for your chickens. They contain the essential ...

4-5 Week Old Chicks

Raising 4-5 week of chicks and what you need to know.

Raising Chicks The Russell Feed & Supply Way

Proper management is essential to raising chicks the Russell Feed way! Before you bring your new chicks home, make sure ...

2-3 Week Old Chicks

Raising 2-3 week old baby chickens and what you need to know.

Preparing a Space for Your Backyard Chickens

Preparing a Space for Your Backyard Chicks.

How to Start Raising Chickens: Start Your Backyard Flock

Find out which types of chickens are best to raise in the backyard.

RVSP Beginner Spring Chicken Meeting

Russell Feed presents…..Chicks in the City! It’s time for our Beginner Spring Chicken Meeting, which means Chick Days ar ...

Three Steps to a Peaceful Backyard Flock

Have you ever wondered what goes through a chicken’s mind? Wouldn’t it be helpful if they could say, “My feathers ar ...

Flocktober Chicken Meeting at Russell Feed Saginaw

Happy Hens Make Happy Eggs! RSVP today and Join us at our October 22nd Chicken Meeting for great tips for ...


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