Image of cattleRussell Feed & Supply has a large selection of cattle products. We carry everything you need to raise cattle, whether you have one family cow, a small hobby farm herd, or a large operation.  At Russell Feed & Supply, you’ll find all the products to provide your animals with the best nutrition, health, and environment for optimum growth.

Russell Feed and Supply has a variety of hay and feeds for every life stage of your animals.  We also carry minerals, liquids, cubes, and self-limiting feed.  Plus, you’ll find a selection of sturdy feeders and waterers from leading suppliers of farm equipment.

Cattle health is a priority, and Russell Feed and Supply has the right products to ensure your cattle are healthy and productive.  We carry dewormers, fly and pest control products, vaccines, hoof and wound care supplies, and more.

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Cattle Mineral Quick Tips

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Cattle Water Intake: Did you know?

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Feeding Programs for Drought Stressed Beef Cow Herds

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2018 Ranchers Gathering in Decatur, Texas

The 2018 Ranchers Gathering kicks off Thursday, August 2, 2018, at the First Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas. Russell Feed & Supply Decatur ...

Forage Snapshot

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Summer Mineral Minute – Cattle Mineral Program

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Weaning: Avoid these Common Pitfalls

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Hot Weather Alert: Help Your Cattle Beat the Heat

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Don’t set and forget self-fed supplements

Better management of self-fed supplements could improve consumption and optimize performance. Self-fed supplements are commonly used to deliver essential nutrients t ...


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