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Russell Feed & Supply carries horse & livestock products to take care of a variety of animals. We stock an assortment of products for horses and other livestock, including feeds, hay, and health products.

At Russell Feed & Supply we care about what you feed your animals. That’s why we stock feed from top manufacturers like Purina Mills, Nutrena, and Bluebonnet Feeds. At our stores, you’ll be able to find the feed you need to fit your animals’ particular nutritional needs. Additionally, you’ll find feeders, waterers, and supplies to make feeding as efficient and effective as possible.

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Healthy animals are happy animals, and at Russell Feed & Supply, we want to help ensure your remuda, herd, or sounder are in great physical condition. We stock everything you need to take care of the health of your animals, including supplements, vaccines, dewormers, wound care products, and much more.  From head to hoof, we have the products to keep your animals healthy!

Keeping your barn environment clean is important for the health of your animals.  Russell Feed & Supply offers a large assortment of barn equipment like buckets, stable forks, scoops, and more.  We also carry a variety of bedding products, including shavings, to keep your stalls dry and clean.


Click on the logos below to find out more about the brands that Russell Feed carries.


     Bluebonnet Feeds are available at Russell Feed & Supply.



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