Russell Feed & Supply carries a variety of fertilizers and soil amendments for growing beautiful lawns and gardens. We offer both organic and chemical solutions to meet your needs. Fertilizer applied to the lawn encourages thicker turf growth and a greener lawn. Most folks remember to fertilize in the springtime to get that luscious green color, but fall is also a great time to apply a fertilizer to the lawn. After the stress from the summer heat, a lawn needs a boost to help it through the winter months.



Organic Fertilizer options include:

  • 4-1-2 Poultry Litter Based Lawn Food
  • 10-1-1 Poultry Litter With Urea Lawn Food
  • 5-1-2 Alfalfa-based Lawn Food

Russell Feed & Supply also offers Nutra-Gro fertilizer, our house brand of fertilizers that is exclusively sold at all Russell Feed & Supply locations. Nutra-Gro fertilizers are specially made for North Texas lawns with customized, local formulations. Nutra-Gro is available in three 50-lb. bag formulas: 28-0-0 Slow Release, 15-5-10 Super Turf Lawn Food and 15-5-10 Super Turf Slow Release. Read more about Nutra-Gro Fertilizers here.

Synthetic options include:

  • Nutra-Gro Super Turf Mix 15-5-10 With Trace Minerals
  • Nutra-Gro Super Turf Mix Slow Release 15-5-10 With Trace Minerals
  • Nutra-Gro Super Slow Release 28-0-0 With *14.00% Slowly Available Urea Nitrogen From Coated Urea

 Visit any of our eight locations today for expert assistance to find the right fertilizer to keep your lawn green and your neighbors envious! 


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