A beautiful lawn starts with Nutra-Gro fertilizers! Nutra-Gro is Russell Feed & Supply’s house brand of fertilizers and is exclusively sold at all Russell Feed & Supply locations. Nutra-Gro brand fertilizers are specially made for our North Texas lawns with customized, local formulations. Nutra-Gro is available in three 50 lb. bag formulas: 28-0-0 Slow Release, 15-5-10 Super Turf Lawn Food and 15-5-10 Super Turf Slow Release.

Our 28-0-0 Slow Release formula, also commonly referred to as the “Tick Off Your Neighbor” fertilizer, was originally formulated in conjunction with the Tarrant County Extension Service and other local experts. It combines ammonium sulfate and coated urea to give your yard a green unlike any other!

Our 15-5-10 fertilizer comes in both a fast and slow-release formula. This unique fertilizer came about after analyzing local soil samples and determining what trace minerals most of the yards in North Texas were lacking.

Russell Feed & Supply’s Nutra-Gro fertilizers are the local, affordable, and effective choice for your yard. Visit any of our eight locations today for expert assistance to find the right fertilizer to keep your lawn green and your neighbors envious!


Nutra Grow Fertilizer 28-0-0SR

Nutra Grow Fertilizer 28-0-0SR is a house brand commercial-grade fertilizer. 50 lbs. Net Wt. (22.6kg) NUTRA-GROW SLOW RELEASE 28-0-0 Professional...

Nutra Grow Fertilizer 15-5-10

Nutra Grow Fertilizer 15-5-10 is a house brand commercial-grade fertilizer.   50 lbs. Net Wt. (22.6kg) NUTRA-GROW      ...

Nutra Grow Fertilizer 15-5-10SR

Nutra Grow Fertilizer 15-5-10 Slow Release is a commercial house brand fertilizer. 50 lbs. Net Wt. (22.6kg) NUTRA-GROW SUPER TURF...