hands holding soil and plant - organic gardeningRussell Feed & Supply is your headquarters for organic gardening and lawn care. We offer everything you’ll need to keep your lawn and garden healthy, productive and organic. Our product offerings include a full line of fertilizers, pre-emergent herbicides such as corn gluten meal, post-emergent herbicides and weed control such as vinegar, mulches, compost and soil amendments. 

In addition, we stock sulfur, CedarCide and Cedar Oil to rid your home and yard of unwanted bugs! Be sure to check out our resources below to learn more about these products.

Stop by today and see how your lawn and garden can benefit by going organic!





Gardening Q & A: Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Here are some of the questions we hear from our customers regarding Spring Pre-emergent Weed Control: When do we put dow ...

Good Natured Corn Gluten

Prepare your yard with Good Natured Corn Gluten this year. Russell Feed & Supply is proud to carry Corn Gluten Mea ...

Prevent Cool Weather Weeds with Fall Pre Emergent

September brings cooler weather, and cooler weather brings cool weather weeds. Apply Fall pre-emergent now before cool-season grasses and weeds star ...

Fertilize Organically with Nature’s Guide

Why fertilize organically? In today’s fast, hectic pace of life, we have begun to rely on man-made synthetic fertilizers ...

Nature’s Guide Natural Based Lawn Food

Nature's Guide Own Natural Based Lawn Food is Russell Feed & Supply's  9-2-2 formulation, based off of our 4-3 ...

Nature’s Guide Natural Turf Food

Nature's Guide Natural Turf Food is a naturally derived 4-3-2 formulation and is poultry litter based. Naturally heated pasteurized ...

Natures Guide Natural Premium Turf Food

Natures Guide Natural Premium Turf Food This naturally derived 6-1-4 formulation is Russell Feed & Supply's premium alfalfa based ...

Nature’s Guide – Turf Management Calendar

Nature’s Guide – Turf Management Calendar JANUARY / FEBRUARY Fertilizer:  Premium 6-1-4 / Turf Food 4-3-2 / Lawn Food 9-2-2 ...

Apply Fall Pre-Emergents and Fertilizers Now

Mike's September Gardening Tips: Applying Fall Pre-Emergents and Fertilizers now will help your lawn look great next Spring.

Nature’s Guide Cotton Burr Compost

Nature's Guide 100% Organic Cotton Burr Compost works well with sandy and clay soils and is versatile as a soil conditioner ...


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