B Free of Flies Flying Insect Control

Take control of flies and mosquitoes on your horses with B Free of Flies Flying Insect Control, now available at Russell Feed & Supply stores. B-Free of Flies has been used by many industry leaders in farm and ranch management for flying insect controls in breeding farms, trainer facilities and by other horse enthusiasts throughout the country for over 25 years.

B-Free of Flies lives up to its name.  Unfortunately, many equestrians have come to expect fly spray and mosquito products to last a few minutes, maybe an hour, to give their horses a brief break from stomping at flies and running from mosquitoes. Customers say the opposite about B-Free of Flies:

B Free of Flies Flying Insect Control

Deadly to insects and 100% safe for horses,  B-Free of Flies is so effective that the manufacturer, Equine Chemical Company of Roanoke, Texas, guarantees their product is the one fly spray that really does protect your horses. EPA approved, it’s great for the horse industry… and the benefits are extensive.

This product has a variety of uses:

  • Apply to outdoor spaces such as patios and porches to eliminate flies and mosquitoes away.
  • Horse owners love its effectiveness as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.
  • Use B-Free of Flies Flying Insect Controls to kill and repel stable flies, horn flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.
  • Kill and repel ticks, fleas and lice
  • Use it for house fly control
  • Eliminate harmful diseases carried by mosquitoes, ticks and flies




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