4 Tips for Staying Warm in the Deer Stand

Late deer season can be some of the best hunting but frigid temperatures and lack of proper clothing and equipment can keep even the most dedicated hunter at home. Tackle the cold, fill your tags and take the buck of your dreams this season!

Here are 4 Tips for staying head-to-toe warm in your deer stand:

Dress for the Chill

  • Head – Keep your head and ears warm with a hat, beanie or face mask to block the wind.
  • Neck – Many hunters forget this, but covering your insulation your neck can keep the rest of the body warm. Wear a neck gaiter and you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.
  • Body – Start your layers with a thin moisture wicking layer of clothing. Then add clothing made of windproof, waterproof and breathable materials. Insulate your chest with a down vest, bibs or a quiet jacket.
  • Hands – They always seem to get cold first! For bow hunting make sure you have a great pair of thin moisture wicking gloves. For rifle hunting wear insulated shooting gloves or warm quiet gloves you can remove before taking your shot. If you’ve tried these options and your still cold, invest in a hand muff so you can easily remove your hands and keep them warm before your shot.
  • Feet – Double up on the socks. The first pair should be made of moisture wicking material and the second pair should be a thick wool sock. Slip on insulated waterproof boots and your ready to hit the cold night air!

Take your time walking to the deer stand

  • The last thing you want to do in freezing temperatures is sweat. Give yourself plenty of time to walk to your deer stand and avoid breaking a sweat. You may need to remove a layer on your way to the deer stand or pack your jacket and take it with you.

Keep Moving 

  • Yes, you read that right. Move! Don’t scare the deer away, but try flexing your muscles while sitting and slowly move your hands and feet to increase blood flow. This will also help keep you warm.

Bring a Heater

  • There is no shame in running a heater in your deer stand. Safely use propane heaters and make sure they have sturdy supports to avoid tipovers.

Take these tips with you to stay toasty warm on your next trip to the deer lease. Share your hunting pictures with us and visit us at Russell Feed & Supply stores for all of your hunting supplies. Good luck this season and stay warm!



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