Mar ’15

Chicks_ForChickPostsChicks arrive the week of March 25th at Russell Feed – Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth.

Varieties Available:

Black Sex Link Pullets

Golden Sex Link Pullets

Naked Neck Pullets (Rare Breed)

Black Langshan Pullets (Very Rare)

Light Brahma Pullets (Rare Breed)

Blue Hamburg Pullets (Extremely Rare)

Assorted Frizzle Cochin Bantams

Hatchery Choice Ducks – Straight Runs

Hatchery Choice Geese – Straight Runs

Bronze Turkeys – Straight Runs

White Turkeys – Straight Runs

Russell Feed has everything you need for a happy, healthy flock!  Heat lamps, waterers and all varieties of feed.

Russell Feed & Supply Camp Bowie

Address: 9804 Camp Bowie West Ft. Worth, TX
Phone: 817-244-3830
Store Hours:
Mon-Sat: 8 – 6
Sun: 11 – 5
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