Fall (September 22nd) is  just around the corner, now is the time to start planting the food plots for deer and wildlife.

RackmasterSeedPlotSeedPennington has a great Fall Mix called RackMaster.  RackMaster Fall Mix contains winter wheat, oats, rye, winter peas, clover and rape seeds.  This 50 lb. bag of Fall Mix will cover ½ acre by broadcasting.

Winter wheat is also a great crop to plant for deer.  Plant 90 – 110 lbs. wheat per acre for a season long grazing.  Winter Oats can be planted at the rate of 75 – 85 lbs. per acre.  Deer also like clover and turnips.

Check out Russell’s full line of Purina Deer protein blocks and protein pellets.  We have a new low price on Purina deer corn in 50 lb. bags.

Have a Safe and Happy Hunting Season!



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