It’s that time of the year again!  The kid’s are headed back to school. Football games take over weekend activities.  The State Fair of Texas opens on September 26,  and fall begins on September 22.  With all of this going on when will you find time to fertilize your yard?

Nature's guide-russellfeedandsupply.comNow is a great time to apply a fall application of fertilizer to the lawn.  Nature’s Guide Natural Fall Fertilizer 3-0-5 is made specifically for late summer and early fall feeding. It has a natural alfalfa base similar to their Premium Turf Food. Nature’s Guide Natural Fall Fertilizer 3-0-5 includes fast releasing nitrogen components in the form of heat pasteurized poultry litter and soybean meal. The three products work together to provide a natural food for thriving soil microorganisms that is quickly broken down into readily available nitrogen.

If organic is not the fertilizer program of choice then consider Russell Feed’s Nutra Grow line of fertilizers.  Made and developed right here in Fort Worth, Texas.  Check the Russell Feed & Supply store near you for formulas to fit the needs of your lawn or garden.



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