nolo baitYoung grasshoppers are hatching out and starting to feed.  One biological way of controlling grasshoppers is using a product called Nolo Bait.

Nolo Bait is an EPA registered biological control for grasshoppers.  Nolo Bait contains naturally occurring spores of the protozoan Nosema locustae.  These spores are uniformly applied to flaky wheat bran.  The bran is consumed by the grasshopper and they become infected with the disease.  Young grasshoppers that consume the bait will die.  As the Nosema locustae multiplies in the gut of the older grasshoppers the insect become lethargic and reduce their feeding.  Infected grasshoppers are seen by healthy grasshoppers as an additional food source and are cannibalized.  This natural behavior further spreads the disease throughout the grasshopper population.  Additionally, infected females can pass the disease through the egg-laying process.  The progression and persistence of this disease provide long-term benefit to the landowner without environmental damage.

The key is to get Nolo Bait down early.  Stop by any Russell Feed& Supply store for Nolo Bait.



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