Kalmbach Non-GMO Feeds available at Russell Feed & Supply.Kalmbach Feed is now at Russell Feed & Supply!

Russell Feed & Supply is proud to stock Kalmbach Feeds, which is an American made,  non-GMO, feed option, at a better price point.  Kalmbach Feeds offers a wide assortment of chicken feed including scratch grain, chick starter, layer feed, and broiler/grower feed. We also carry sow & pig, goat feed, All-Stock as well. Stop by your local Russell Feed and give Kalmbach Feeds a try.

Pick up the following Non-GMO Feeds:

16% Flock Maintainer Pellet
18% Start Right™ Chick Feed
20% Flock Maker Crumble
17% Layer Crumble
17% Layer Pellet
Soy-Free 5-Grain Premium Scratch
16% Goat Pellet
Sweet Country 16% All Stock Pellet
16% Sow & Pig Grower

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