April Fertilizer and Weed Tips

What’s next in your May Lawn Care routine ? You’ve applied your first application of pre-emergent weed controllers and fertilizer.  April rains are putting your lawn feed and weed control products to work and establishing healthy turf growth.  So now, you need to deal with the existing weeds and insect pests as well as further the green up of your lawn grass. Here are some suggestions on the next steps for establishing a beautiful lawn to last into Fall:

  • Post-Emergents:
    • To kill the broadleaf weeds already up, use a product that contains 2, 4-D such as Hi-Yield 2, 4-D or Weed & Feed, which contains fertilizer. It will kill or control the following weeds in addition to many other noxious plants susceptible to 2, 4-D:
      • Aster, Broomweed, Bull thistle, Bur Ragweed, Buttercup, Canada Thistle, Chickweed,  Cocklebur, Dandelion, Dock, Goldenrod, Ground Ivy, Henbit, Honeysuckle, Lambsquarter, Morning- glory, Mustard, Nettle, Poison Ivy, Prickly lettuce, Primrose, Purslane, Sumac, Wild Carrot, Wild Garlic, Wild Lettuce, Wild onion and more. Use 2, 4-D in a spray form or apply in dry form mixed with fertilizer.
    • Organic gardeners use Nature’s Guide 20% Vinegar or Corn Meal Gluten to spot treat tough to kill, unwanted weeds in the lawn. The key to successful weed killing is applying these products on a warm and sunny day. Always be careful around all trees and other plants. Read and follow all label directions.
  • Insects: 
    • A good time to ward off insect invaders with Fertilome Broad Spectrum Insecticide or an organically with beneficial nematodes or milky spores.
  • Nature's Guide Fertilizer-https://www.russellfeedandsupply.comFertilizer:  Fertilizer applied to the lawn encourages thicker turf growth and a greener lawn. Russell Feed & Supply recommends the following fertilizers available in our stores— all are specially formulated for North Texas lawns:
    • Synthetic options include:
      • Nutra-Grow Super Turf Mix 15-5-10 With Trace Minerals
      • Nutra-Grow Super Turf Mix Slow Release 15-5-10 With Trace Minerals
      • Nutra-Grow Super Slow Release 28-0-0 With *14.00% Slowly Available Urea Nitrogen From Sulfur Coated Urea
    • Organic Fertilizer options include:
      • Nature’s Guide 4-3-2 Poultry Litter based lawn food
      • Nature’s Guide 9-2-2 Poultry Litter with Urea lawn food
      • Nature’s Guide 6-1-4 Alfalfa-based lawn food

All your hard work should pay off for a beautiful, thriving and weed-free lawn. Visit us at Russell Feed & Supply stores for all of your lawn and gardening needs—- We are your hometown gardening headquarters!



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