Annual Ryeg

Yes, you can still green up your lawn or pasture this fall. Late October/Early November is a good time to plant Annual Ryegrass and Fescue. The temperatures are cooler and after our October rains we have moisture in the ground again. Ryegrass is annual grass that grows in cooler temperatures. It will grow all winter long and when temperatures start reaching the high 70’s and 80’s next spring it will die off. Fescue is an evergreen grass that grows year round. You have to start fescue seed in the fall when temperatures are in the 60’s. Fescue will do much better if you can plant it in semi-shade areas. Fescue will not tolerate the hot summer here in this area. Fescue will start to die off in full sun during July and August. The sooner you can get the fescue seed planted this November the better stand it can have. Planting now will give you a green lawn all winter long.

Russell Feed carries a variety of winter wheat turfgrass varieties such as Oregon Ryegrass and Tall Fescue.  Come see us today to determine the quantity and coverage you need to give the grass a good stand when spreading.



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