Nature's Guide Cotton Burr CompostRussell Feed & Supply stores carry Nature’s Guide Organic gardening products, including Cotton Burr Compost, Mushroom Compost, and Organic Compost. 

Nature’s Guide Organic Cotton Burr Compost is made with composted cotton burrs from the high plains of Texas, Nature’s Guide Organic Cotton Burr compost contains no chemical defoliants.  

  • Excellent as a soil additive or conditioner
  • May be used as a mulch
  • Adds 100% organic matter to the soil
  • Great for clay and sandy soils

Why is Cotton Burr Compost good for your garden?

When you’re preparing your garden beds, adding Cotton Burr compost to your bedding soil continually infuses nitrogen for your new plants. According to the Soil Food Web, Cotton Burr Compost is unsurpassed in its ability to break up clay soil. It contains twice the nutrient value as manure composts but without the e-Coli concerns. It is capable of holding as much moisture as peat products, but unlike peat, it re-wets easily and does not destroy micro-organisms. True composted products are free of pathogens and weed seeds because they are broken down during the composting process.

Scientists have also discovered that CBC is a natural fungicide and helps reduce pythium, rhizoctinia, and fusarium. This is great news for your roses! It also has a ‘neutral’ pH level that roses love. As it reacts with water, it releases massive amounts of beneficial microbes and soluble nutrients that also serve as fungicide and disease controllers. Laboratory testing has shown that CBC is teeming with micro-organisms. These micro-organisms work at converting carbon materials into the basic elements used by plants for growth.

Offering an effective life up to two growing seasons, Nature’s Guide Cotton Burr compost literally cuts the work in half, as well as the cost! Avoid products that contain fillers. Some products are “watered down” added recycled tree and yard waste. Nature’s Guide CBC contains 100% composted cotton burrs.

Come by one of our eight Russell Feed & Supply locations in North Texas today and stock up on Nature’s Guide Cotton Burr Compost. We have it available in 2 cu. ft. bags.

 Source: Organic Gardening for Life Blog



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